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Company which are researching our staff of great deal both materially and spiritually.Company which are contributing development of society to investigate truth.Company which are asserting Japanese constitution that is three great principles.Company which are exiting even if the times and environment is changed.



Physical distribution philosophy

World foods staff send Planet of earth, ocean is continued, land and sky are linked endless between country, people can feel each culture. About foods culture, we can know and taste many kinds of foods from all over the world with information society, our though and desire of foods are evolved day by day. However, any dishes based on material, this is never change the past and the present. We are delivering choice selection of foods from all over the world.We are for people who cook, eat and food culture everyone can be happy…..

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Trust Safety Speed

The business circles that is connected to the present foodstuff become great variety more and more. We must respond any cases of needs, we make effort to supply good quality and safety foodstuff to build physical distribution organization by world network more than now.

Quality policy


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